love for football

I fit in the gay stereotype of not caring about football other than the half-time show and jockstraps. Last time, I got excited on a Super Bowl day was when I met a hot guy for a date many years ago. Lee was in his late 30’s, little bit shorter than me, but has a good build. He is from Dublin and spoke intimately about his Irish culture. His accent was incredibly charming and I think hearts were floating out of my head during the entire dinner date. 

After dinner, he took me to his place and we had sex while rest of the country was watching football. He was a soccer player and had sexy strong legs. We certainly had our own football game in the bedroom and hotter than the Super Bowl


We never had a follow up date, which has been a typical experience for me after hooking up on a first date. I did see him few times at a bar and had superficial chit-chats.

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