kiss me and thrill me

When I was in college, I met MJ. He was few years older than me, a black guy, with a great body for someone who does not work out, and a great sense of humor. We met through mutual friends and always ran into each other at parties. One night, we both had lots of alcohol and he took me to his apartment. His apartment was fully decorated with retro aesthetics…, halogen lamps, beaded curtains.


We drank more beer on his couch and we started to kiss. Alcohol definitely effects your vision and coordination, because we kept knocking each other’s teeth when we were kissing. It was not sexy at all. I essentially had to put a stop because it was leading into a case of terrible sex. After that, it got awkward so I went home.


Few months later, I saw him at a party again and this time we weren’t as drunk. I wanted to give a second round and kissed him at the party. It was not good, again!

First kiss usually tells it all.


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