keep it in the closet

I saw a movie called The Imitation Game. It is based on a true story about Alan Turing, a British computer scientist who essentially pioneered internet over 70 years ago during World Wart II. Without Alan Turing, AOL,, Manhunt, Grindr, Skruff, Jack’d, or Tinder would have been in my life.

Alan Turning was known to be a homosexual and as you can imagine, this was not a hot thing 70 years ago. He was engaged to be married to a woman to mask his real life in society and this practice still exists now.

imagesI hooked up with Zach few times. Zach was in his late 40’s, white, blond-grayish hair, blue eyes, with a nice built body. He was married…  to a women, but enjoyed sex with guys sometimes. It was soooo Brokeback Mountain, minus the cowboy camping sex. But, sex with Zach, who really enjoyed being a bottom, was just as hot and I particularly remember one session when he pinned me against the wall from behind to kiss my neck and I was so turned on from this.

But it was not a turn on, when I ran into him WITH his wife in the street. It’s always awkward to see your fuck buddies outside of bedroom fully clothed, but to see them with the person they are in a relationship with is even more awkward.


Zach and I didn’t end up falling in love like Jack and Ennis, but I certainly helped him to fulfill his gay sex desires. Maybe his wife is also gay and has sex with women on the side. 


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