size queen 2

About 6 years ago, I met this guy name Scott at a gay club. He is 3 years younger than me, white, super tall and big build. We danced affectionally and I decided to take him home. He drove a big old car what appears to be a cadillac. It was so big, it took a while to find a street parking spot that he can fit in. His penis, however… well, I guess that’s why he had a big car. I wrote a blog about being “too big” on 02.22.2015 (See Size Queen) but Scott’s body size was not proportionate to his penis size. In the morning, as he was getting dressed, his undershirt was on the floor. It looked like a shirt that Mormons wear. I picked it up and handed to him. He suggested that I keep it. I thought it was weird.

We had dinner dates few times after that and he told me that he has Asperger syndrome. It’s a form of autism and he has been dealing with it for many years. He didn’t seem ashamed by it. He definitely seem awkward and I had a hard time understanding his sense of humor. Scott also told me about his spirituality, which he identifies himself as a buddhist. On 02.15.2015 I wrote about another guy who was a buddhist, and that didn’t go well. What is it about buddhist??

I couldn’t find any common interest with Scott so I stopped calling him.

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