Bros befo’ Hoes 2

Several years ago for my friend, Taylor’s birthday, a bunch of our friends and I went to a gay club. This venue usually attracts college age group so being in my 30’s seemed out of place for me. But it was a blast dancing my ass off.

Taylor introduced me to a boy name Liam and I talked to him for a bit. Liam was in his mid 20’s, short brown hair, nerdy glasses, and hipster’ish look that is probably typical for his age group. He was adorable. We talked for a bit and after few drinks we were making out and grinding on the dance floor. I went over to his place that night. He lived in a college student neighborhood and lived with two straight roommates in 20’s, who looked like they work at Abercrombie & Fitch. They also just got back from a night of drinking. So we all ordered pizza and drank more beer.


Just to go off the subject for a second. When I was in college, I was obsessed with A&F models and collected their catalogues, which was essentially gay porn with guys in homoerotic poses. Also, my favorite show at the time of Melrose Place so I had a poster hung up in our room. My straight dorm roommate was confused why I had a poster of girls on the wall if I was gay so he went around the dorm room, saying ignorant comments to other people about this confusion. So I decided to hang up the nearly naked A&F male model posters up on the wall instead. I hope that cleared up his confusion.


Now back to the story  of Liam. Liam and I spent quite a time getting to know each other after that. Often we go out to straight bars with his roommates. We go back to his place, make out and hook up. I really felt like I was re-living college life. Later I learned that Taylor had interest in Liam. Also, Liam moved out of town but we kept in touch.

Shortly after that, several friends and I went on a road trip to the town Liam was living, so we met up with him at a bar.  Few hours later, I couldn’t find Liam and one of my friend, Frank, whom I was sharing the hotel room with. I walked into the room and there was Frank getting blown by Liam. I was embarrassed, shocked, and angry all at the same time. I slammed the door laughed at the situation but realized that I cannot sleep in that room. Luckily, other friends had a separate room so I slept in theirs. I lost touch with Liam after that.

Few weekends ago, Frank and same group of friends went on a same road trip to the town Liam lives in. I had forgotten about the whole situation with Frank and Liam. Then all the sudden, Liam came up, standing between us. I think we all laughed about it.

On bros befo’ hoes from 01.11.2015, I talked about how small the gay relationships are. It’s just like Melrose Place.


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