don’t be jealous of my boogie

I met Thomas about 4 years ago on Grindr. He is about 5 years older than me, blond hair, blue eyes, with an amazing physique.He’s also a great cook/baker. We lived close to each other and I spent many evenings having dinner he made at his place. I was at over his place on my birthday. He didn’t know it was my birthday, so he made donuts in a speedy time like on cooking show. It was incredibly sweet (both donuts and his gestures).

398608_10150537355231883_748695913_nI really enjoyed spending time with Thomas and even introduced him to few of my friends.

It was interesting because ever since Thomas and I started to hang out, I ran into him EVERYWHERE….. restaurants, gym, bars, on the street. But I wondered why we never met at these places before? Also, turns out his roommate worked same place as me. SMALL WORLD!

One night, I went to a new gay club with my friend, Sam, for his birthday. Sam is the friend I “whiny-wined” with. (See On my Own post from 04.05.2015). I ran into Thomas at the club Sam and I were at. I was somewhat bothered by the fact that he didn’t tell me plans of going to this club. But then, I didn’t tell him either. We really didn’t require explanations to each other. Thomas is very extroverted and he was getting greeted by many many guys at the club. I tried my best to talk to Thomas, but it almost felt like I had to peel off many layers of hot men to get to the core.


Maybe I was jealous, but that just means, I am that much disappointed that what I hope is not in the reality at the moment. I couldn’t help to think that I was in that show Bachelor and had to compete with all these guys to win a fucking rose from Thomas.


So I threw in the towel and I stopped calling Thomas after that night. I still run into him occasionally at restaurants, gym, bars, and streets. One day, he suggested that we get together for lunch. I have every desire to do this, but something is pulling me back.

I even had a dream about him the other night. I was standing in line at Starbucks and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Thomas, in full beard (he’s always clean shaven in person). My friend says the dream means Thomas is hiding his true feelings behind all the facial hair but always behind me patiently waiting for a latte.


Maybe dream might become a reality this time and I will got to lunch to Thomas…at Starbucks.

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