Trick and Treat

Hope everyone had a great time tricking and treating. As you know gays LOVE to dress up, mostly in drags or something slutty. 


But I was neither last night. I was Kim Jung Il.5064640a7407cfd9733b1d3b2710e69e_600x400

I also thought about my past Halloween costumes. Probably about 15 years ago, I dressed up as the Cat in the Hat and went to a gay club called Chrome.

dr-seuss-memory-quoteI went with my friend, Victor, who is a close friend from college and we were roommates for several years. Victor is short and stocky, which made him appealing to many many  gays. Every time we went out, guys will be all over him. I think this really damaged my confidence when we went out together. Until, I met Gary, the cowboy, at Chrome. Victor and I were dancing on the dance floor and a cute boy in a cowboy costume danced around us. Victor was trying to dance with him so I turned away to roll my eyes in disgust. Then, the most unexpected by both Victor and me happened. The cowboy pulled on my cat tail and winked at me. I got close to him, grabbed his cowboy hat and exchanged with my hat of cat in the hat. I was a Cat in the cowboy’s hat and he was just a cute boy in a crazy looking hat. And Victor, for the first time was left out. But don’t worry, he had plenty of tricking and treating that night.

Gary is white, same age as me, little bit shorter with a petite figure. Gary’s cute southern accent made the cowboy look more sexy than he already was. Along with exchange of hats, we also exchanged kiss.

When the night was over, Victor and I decided to have some people over at our place for an after party. I invited Gary over also. I think meeting Gary was a confidence booster for me because I was pretty much flirting with everyone. At one point in the night, I was in shower with two boys. This was all happening while Gary was sleeping in my room.

Next morning, Gary woke up early and he was hangry. I assumed he might have known about the group shower and perhaps he felt the same way I usually do when guys flirt with Victor. Apparently, he has diabetes and he gets cranky when he is hungry. We went out on many dates for few months and his mood swings became very dramatic at times. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or  just being a bitchey-queen to be funny. I think this became an issue for me to develop feelings for him. Despite this, I think meeting him itself was important for me. I was in my early 20’s at the time and constantly searching for myself. Gary (and Dr. Seuss) helped me to learn this:


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