Just say no 2

I met Marcus from okcupid almost 5 years ago. He is about same age as me, Jewish (who converted to Buddhism), super tall (like 6’5”) and has cute cheeks that you just want to pinch them. Judging by his pictures in his profile, he always seemed happy and free. Maybe that’s what Buddhism does to you.


For our first date, we met for brunch. I arrived early so I got myself a Bloody Mary while I was waiting. When he arrived, I was even more impressed with his height and his smile. I offered him Bloody Mary and he immediately disclosed that he does not drink alcohol at all. He suffered from mood disorder and listed all the medications he’s been on. But he does not take any medications and does not drink alcohol from his belief in power of natural healing. He developed a major passion for meditation and vegan diet. He is also a big juicer! So there I was sipping on my tomato juice with celery and vodka.

I wrote about gays and unhealthy habits on two blogs: “sex, drugs rock & roll vs. peace, love & harmony” on 04.12.2015. and “Just Say No” on 05.17.2015 

It was refreshing to meet someone who actually practiced “just say no.” But it did make me feel a little guilty. Not that I HAVE to drink alcohol to have fun, it is a big part of my social life and I admit, there are times, I indulged too much while partying.


Marcus and I dated for few months, but I think we both realized we were not compatible. We kept in touch for a bit and he challenged me to not drink for month. I made a decision to do this. I chose month of February because it’s the shortest month of year and usually it’s too cold to go out. Not only I went without drinking the entire month, it lasted until early April when I had a glass of wine for my birthday on the night Thomas made donuts. Read more about Thomas on these blogs: “don’t be jealous of boogie” and “not an amazing race.”  

Honestly, sobriety for two months did make a difference in many ways. I felt physically lighter and I had more energy to stay active all day. I think this really shifted how I think and feel. And I was pretty drunk after only half glass of wine. The year after that, I decided to try not eating meat and became a vegetarian permanently.

Marcus now has a boyfriend and seems to be even happier. One day, he sent me a card and said he has much gratitude for meeting me and being part of his life. For someone who has mood disorder, he is probably the happiest person I know. Could being too happy a disorder?


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