movember movement

Every November, men grow mustache to raise awareness in men’s health, particularly prostate cancer. Some studies suggest gay men have significantly lower rates of prostate cancer. Perhaps getting prostate stimulated regularly is healthy.


The first time I got mine massaged was from a Columbian guy who was bit OCD judging by his scrubbing skills when we showered together. After he gave me a squeaky clean rub with loofah in shower, he rubbed me with his hands and fingers in his bedroom. When I received a prostate massage from him, the sensation was something I never felt before. I think my body just melted. While I am a blouse (a feminine top), I admit that with a right guy, I have enjoyed being a bottom few times. But I can’t seem to enjoy getting my butt orally pleasured. I hooked up with an Iranian guy who likes to drink sake before tossing salad. He had a beard and it did nothing but tickled me.


To participate in men’s health screening, I had my yearly physical, which included complete HIV/STD screenings as well as HPV swab. HPV screening showed some abnormal cells that required a biopsy, which was the most miserable experience ever. Probably worse than getting tooth drilled by a dentist. They performed the procedure with a camera which I was able to see and it was not a pretty image. Fortunately, biopsy results were fine. I hope prostate exams are not as uncomfortable.


Here is a Gay Man’s Guide To Hitting Your Man’s Prostate Every Time!

prostate (1)


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