give a little love

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! I certainly shared quality time and too much food with my family and friends. Around this time of year, giving is better than receiving. And I am not referring to topping and bottoming.


I have a friend, Alan, who engaged to be married and another friend, Ben, who is in a sorta long distance relationship with his boyfriend who moved away. To help Ben’s sorta single life, Alan has tried to set up Ben with guys many times. However, Alan has never tried to set me up with anyone. This is bit annoying because I am single and Ben is quasi-single. But Ben, being a good friend he is, wanted to share dates he rejected with me. So we were at a bar and Ben introduced me to Ted. It got awkward when Ben realized I have already met Ted last year.

Just over a year ago, I chatted with Ted on OkCupid and Grindr. He is one year younger than me, white guy and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do so he appears to have a lean build, which was attractive. He travels out of town frequently for work so it took few months of chatting to set up a date.

First we met for brunch, which he came about 30 minutes late. Last time a date came late, I got stood up so I was getting bit anxious. Read that story here: mom > BF.

Part of the reason he came late was because he wanted the restaurant to make him a lavender martini, which he brought his own lavender martini mix with him. I found this kinda annoying yet cute.


Despite his tardiness, I had a great time with Ted and we had great conversations.

When we tried to schedule a second date following weekend, I had to go out of town and weekend after that he was out of town. Then he got the flu the weekend after that. We went back and forth of this for few months and never went out on a second date.

Then there I was at the bar with my friend Ben who introduces me to Ted. At least he remembered me. We were at the same bar where I ran into Henry, who completely forgot that we went out on a date before. Read that story here: unmatch.

So, share your rejected dates with other single friends. But make sure they are not sloppy seconds for the single friend.

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