Ho Ho Ho!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Honestly, Christmas is not as much exciting for me as it was when I was young. Somewhere in between halloween candies and black Friday shopping, people lost the essence of holiday spirit.


This year, I did something completely opposite and spent the entire Christmas day alone. Honestly, it was not as depressing as you might think so don’t pity me. It was the best way to catch up on reading and rest in my pajamas all day long. How often do you get to do that these days.


I spent Christmas alone only once before about 2 year ago. Santa didn’t visit me because I decided to be naughty. While sitting in my place alone, getting lonely on Christmas eve, I logged on Grindr to find myself a present. Jeff, who is in his 40’s, frosty hair, blue eyes, and a charming smile messaged me to offer a massage.  He lived close by so I went over to his place, which is a gigantic 3 story house. It was overwhelming to be in it. He also had a gigantic Christmas tree that fit nicely in his gigantic house.

We had a glass of wine in his beautiful marble countertop gigantic kitchen while listening to some Christmas music. There were some candle lights and a fireplace lit too. He took me upstairs to his gigantic bedroom which had gigantic floor to ceiling windows overlooking a gigantic backyard that seemed like an image from Architecture Digest. 

It was beginning to feel like a cheesy romance novel. Also, read American Dream, story about Mark, another guy I hooked up with that had a gigantic house.

Jeff’s penis was not so gigantic. (I don’t really like it big anyways – read these two blogs about that: size queen and size queen 2) and sex was going great for a while until I heard him snore when I was doing my job.


I shook him and asked him if he just fall asleep?   He denied and covered up by going down on me. We just continued and I was able to finish.

As I was leaving his beautiful gigantic place, I felt even lonelier than before. It was nice to be in such a beautiful gigantic house on Christmas, but falling asleep during sex?!

Perhaps the wine made him extra tired. Maybe he hasn’t had much sleep all week. Maybe he has narcolepsy. 

I am glad I had a quality time by myself during Christmas this year. Hope everyone did same, wether it was with family, friends, or alone. Now for New Years, that’s special for me. I celebrate great moments I had in the past year (such as this blog) and what I hope for next (maybe twitter page). New Years kiss would be nice too. I have never done that.

Happy new year!

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