Happy new year and happy one year anniversary of my blog. Thank you to my 56 followers. In 2015, I had total of 1,531 views and 865 visitors from all over the world – 62 countries! I also have twitter page now www.twitter.com/gaysiandating.

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Many people talk about new year resolutions. I don’t really like the idea of new year resolutions because it implies there is a problem in life to have resolutions. Instead of looking at things as a problem, I prefer to have goals or intensions. One of the things I am going to do this year is to have bit more positive theme in my blog. In order to set a positive intention, I need to start with a very specific guiding principles about dating.

Many friends ask me, “what kind of guys do you like?” While it’s really difficult to narrow down “types” of guys, these are 10 guiding principles when it comes to being in a relationship.

  1. Marital status: He must be single. That means not married (even if he is separated), or have a boyfriend, or any other serious, committed, long term relationships. If he is loosely dating multiple people, that’s fine as long as we have honest communication about hopes of being in a relationship.
  2. Location location location: I live a hustle and bustle lifestyle and have very limited free time. I’d like to spend that limited free time with my partner as much as possible. If travel time to see him is more than the actual time I get to spend with him, it would be difficult to make the relationship grow. Living in a close proximity is key because time is valuable for me.
  3. Age: Generally, I relate to people in 30’s or 40’s best. I’d say -10 to +10 is a good range. If he’s living in a college dorm or on Medicare, I probably will have very little in common.
  4. Physical well being: I am no gym bunny, but healthy practice is very important to me. I would like my partner to be able to live a healthy lifestyle as well as do any physical activities leisurely.
  5. Emotional well being: Many gays shame “drama” and I probably do too. Reality is everyone has unpredictable and uncontrollable drama. The key is how well you deal with these situations. If you heavily depend on chemicals to avoid stress, I will not get along with you.
  6. Social skills: I am most attracted to people somewhere between extreme extroverted and extreme introverted. I like him to be able to socialize comfortably and confidently without being a center of attention, but cannot be someone I have to babysit at a party.
  7. Ambitions: I am a professional and if I would like to be in a relationship who has already established his career. Also, having goals and aspirations inspire me to do the same.
  8. Art & music: I don’t care for trashy TV shows, but I can tolerate some as long as it’s balanced with new restaurants, live music, theater, museums or art galleries, periodically. I would like my partner to be well cultured.
  9. Adventure: If you read my blog about Love + Adventure = Happiness, I like to participate at least one adventurous activity a year travel as long as time and money allows. Creating memories with my partner to do these things would be important for me.
  10. Kindness:  Disagreement is a part of any relationships and mine is probably ni different. While I expect to throw shade during arguments at each other, the key to the relationship growth is treating each other with kindness and respect when it comes to settling different views in life.

Bonus point if you have a great sense of humor and will laugh at my jokes.

Extra bonus points if your smile makes your cheeks crease like a long line of a dimple.

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