He shoots. He scores!

About 4 years ago, I met Malcolm on Grindr. He is a police officer who is in his early 40’s. He belongs to a gay basketball social group and they usually practices at a court near me. He came over to my place after his basketball practice one afternoon.


He is tall with a great physique (being a police officer and a basketball player). His photo was probably about 5 years ago or he aged very quickly since. Regardless, he was an attractive guy. He wore a basketball shorts, which is always so sexually appealing to me. Maybe it’s the peek-a-boo’sh bulge. He was also slightly dampy-sweaty and it was gross-sexy.

Sex was going great until he asked me a random question in the midst of the game. “Have you ever been in a police car?” I actually have been in a police car and it wasn’t because I got arrested. I was walking to work one morning and saw a pair of syringes on the ground, just next to a school. I was in a rush to go to work but I was so bothered by the fact that they were sitting too close to kids. Just as I was contemplating about what to do, there was a police car parked across the street and there was a policeman inside. I walked up to him and told him about the needles on the ground. He then instructed me to get in the car. I didn’t quite understand the reason but I knew better to resist instructions from a police. He then drove me up to the location where I saw the needles, which was literally across the street. Once we go there, I attempted to get out of the police car but couldn’t for obvious reasons. The police officer let me out of the car and I said “that was the first time I ever been in a police car.” He then said “it’s not easy to get out, huh?” The officer safely picked up the needles from the street to dispose to a safer location. I felt like a responsible citizen.

So I explained all that to Malcolm during our sexy time. It was a distraction but we were able to resume. I commented about his muscular legs and arms, then he flexed his biceps while he was on top of me.


We did exchange phone number but never kept in touch. I was at a bar one day with few friends and Malcolm was there. He walked up to our group and I thought he was going to say hi to me. He then said hi to my friend instead and totally ignored me. I think he forgot who I was. It wasn’t the first time guys forgot that I met them before. Read about Henry here: Unmatch.


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