Hide and Seek

Sam is a close friend of mine who has been there during crisis, literally he was there when I was dumped by Bryan. Read more about that here: on my ownAlso, Sam introduced me many guys, even if they were married. Read about Rob here: divorce equality too.

About 4 years ago, Sam wanted to set me up with his boyfriend’s friend, Hunter. So, Sam, Sam’s boyfriend, Hunter, Hunter’s friend, and I went to a bar for drinks one evening. Hunter is a white guy in his mid 30s’ who is a high school teacher. He is tall and slender, probably one of those people who are slim without making any effort. He also had a great smile. He had a face that seemed familiar like I met him before, but couldn’t really put my finger on. I found him incredibly kind and sweet. However, I didn’t find him physically attractive. I think I spent most of the evening talking to Hunter’s friend more than Hunter. Hunter and I exchanged phone numbers but we never connected after that evening. I told Sam that I wasn’t interested in Hunter, which is too bad because he really was a nice guy.

Earlier this week, I ran into Hunter at the gym.

These situations are always so uncomfortable for me and my first inclination is to hide or run away.


I think mostly because I am afraid the person will reject me. This is completely irrational, because I wasn’t even interested in Hunter form the first place. So without even thinking too much about it, I went up to Hunter and said hello. Surprisingly, he remembered me. We said quick ‘hello, how you been? what’s new?’ chit-chat and I went back to my chest press bench. Throughout the whole work out, I kept looking at him to see if he was looking at me. It’s so strange how I care about what he thinks about me. I always seek reassurance from people and I have to remind myself to also self-assure. I am learning how to not take it personally when people don’t remember me or ignore me. 


Read unmatch, a story about Henry who didn’t remember our date and sexual chemistry 2, a story about Paul whose heart was broken by  me and now avoids me when he sees me. 

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