Should have been saved by the bell.

Occasionally, I like to have some quickie fun but it usually turns into more disappointment than fun. Few years ago, I met Ed on Grindr. He is in his late 40’s, a white guy, who is a lawyer. He lives super close by so I went over to his place. I rang the door bell few times but he did not answer. I thought, “that jerk gave me the wrong address.’

It was unusually hot that night, so I was sweaty waiting outside, and was bit frustrated feeling rejected, so I went home. When I got home, Ed messaged me on Grindr asking if I was still coming over. I explained I was there and rang the door bell few times at his place. After confirming his address, he is just realizing that his door bell stopped working. He invited me over again that night, but I refused. However, about a week later, I went to his place again.

This time, he was waiting at the door. With a brief greeting, he greeted me in my briefs instantly. He has somewhat an aggressive style and I was bit shocked when he slapped my ass really hard.


Call me boring, but as much as I like to think I am open to kink, I don’t like it to cause any pain. I want sex to feel good. Also, I think I was still annoyed by the first time I tried to have sex with him when I waiting at the door. About 5 minutes into foreplay, I was thinking to myself ‘this isn’t working for me. How do I get out of this?’ He then paused and said “I don’t think we’re compatible.” I replied, “I agree.” It was definitely a quickie, but not fun at all. 

Few months later, he messaged me on Grindr again:


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