Happy second birthday, Jesus.

Several months ago, I met Robert at a party where I ran into Carl. Read about Carl here: when hook ups show up.

Robert is in his mid 30’s, tall, pale white, ginger’ish blond, blue eyes, who is geeky-sexy. Throughout the party, I kept staring at his nice butt and being 6 foot 5 he is, it felt like it was right in my face every time he turned around.


He was incredibly kind and sweet. He was easy to talk to but I felt like I had to scream facing up at him because he was so freaking tall. Robert works in non-profit doing humanitarian work. He describes himself as an idealist who truly seems like an idealist.

After the party, he drove me home and all of my friends assumed that we hooked up, just because we left the party together.

Though it may seem that way, nothing happened. Since we met at the party, we went out to the movies, had dinner and drinks, and other typical dating activities. However, we never went beyond that.

Although I am physically attracted to Robert, I think I am most attracted to his personality. I am inspired by his passion for human welfare. We could all use a lesson from him.

Today is Easter Sunday, which is commonly known for Easter bunny, chocolate, peeps (yuck), and dying eggs.


Not to get all churchy here, but for a very brief moment, I have to really think about Jesus. You know that hippy guy who cured sickness and fed the hungry (apparently he was a doctor by day and a chef by night). He sacrificed himself and died for everyone else’s sin. Ok, ok, I am getting preachy. My point here is, we live in a society in which the essence of kindness is destroyed by greedy competitions. No matter how much I am overpowered by this ego-centric society, I have to remind myself to be selfless more often like Robert.

Also read If I ever lose my faith, a story about Antonio who has taught me this same lesson.

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