Need to make a deposit

My friends and I went out bowling last night, which was a lot of fun. We then noticed that most of the people were young college kids to mid 20’s. We were surrounded by hetros and they are always cute to look at. I think girls always say “why are all cute guys gay?” and I ask the same about straight guys.

Speaking of straight guys in 20’s, last time I had a fun with a boy was with a straight guy in his early 20’s whom I connected on Tinder. Well, not entirely straight and he described himself as “bicurious.” He is white, cute, dark hair and a physique of a guy who seemed naturally muscular without lifting any weights. He sent me his cock pics and wanted to come over.

As soon as he entered my apartment, he asked if I had any booze. This seemed highly inappropriate given it was 8 am on a Saturday morning. He explained he has been partying all night and still smelled of alcohol. If I did something like that now in my 30’s, slowly approaching 40, I’d be stuck in bed all day for 2 days.


We got right into some sexy time but didn’t feel sexy at all. While I was blowing him, he says the cock pic was not him which I suspected judging by his inability to get aroused. After about 20 minutes of me trying to work him up, he pulled out his iPhone to watch straight porn. He then asked me to top him as he handed me a small bottle of vaseline. I had to pause to explain about water-based lube is safer than oil-based lube. I then tried to kiss him then he said “no kissing.”


It was just getting too awkward and even more more awkward when he got up and said “I have to go the bank.” I could have made a deposit but instead he left abruptly.  I really hated that I wasted my time with the punk.

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