If I can turn back time….

Do you remember Robert, the tall corky-geeky-sexy boy I met at a party recently? Read about that story here: Happy second birthday, JesusSo, turns out Robert “winked” at me on match.com in 2010.

I learned this as I was deleting my old emails and saw a message that he sent me. “I would be interested in getting to know you better.” I guess we waited 7 years to get to know each other. This is his profile:


It is completely my mantra when it comes to life and relationships. Life has so many twists and turns like a roller coaster ride and I find myself time and time again thinking about what I lack in my life. However, I never lose the enthusiasm of meeting people who are good influences. I constantly try to be surrounded by people, like Robert, who uplift me.

Robert and I crossed a virtual path, but never in person until now. He’s shy, corky, and total geek that makes me want to get to know him better too.

With that said, why didn’t we meet then. I can’t help to think about what our friendship or even possibly a relationship would have been like for the past 7 years if we met in 2010.


Speaking of turning back time. Few months ago, while I was in my hometown where I went to college, I connected with a guy on OkCupid who was 78% match according to their calculations. His name is Roger, who is 4 years younger than me, white, super tall like, super nice guy who is also geeky. Roger was very similar to Robert in both physical characteristics and personal traits. AND we both are obsessed with Sex and the City. BONUS!!!

When I saw Roger’s pictures, I was thinking he looked familiar to me. I thought he reminded me of Robert a lot. As we messaged each other few times but didn’t meet because he lives pretty far. Then it clicked all the sudden. Roger and I used to volunteer together when I was in college at a community center helping LGBT youth. He remembered me and said “I always thought you were self-assured.”

Roger and I have been sending flirty texts and planning to hang out when I am in his town next time.

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