Higher learning

I noticed there are many college graduations this weekend. I entered college almost 20 years ago and I remember it being intimidating at first. But for four years, I throughly enjoyed my freedom thinking I was invisible. I also remember I couldn’t wait to graduate to enter the real world.


Now that I am in the real world, I constantly fantasize about going back to college. Not because of frat boys and dorm showers, but not having to be so much responsible for myself as an adult. So, I decided to go back to college to expand my knowledge. I will be working full time and taking online classes. Ummm, wait… now I will have MORE responsibilities.


I once met a college boy, Ricky and it didn’t go well. Read that story here: 20’s vs 30’sI also dated few college professors: Rick and Aaron.

Read about Rick here: Sex, drugs rock & roll vs. peace, love & harmony and read about Aaron here: sexual chemistry.

About a year ago, I met up with friends for drinks and it was one of those nights when you end up having more fun than intended to. We went to few different bars and after taking shots at each bars, we ended up at a club. Once alcohol is fully loaded in my system, I am a total dance machine…. usually by myself.


As I was checking out the dance floor, I saw a cute guy in a baseball cap. He is short and somewhat with a thick build. He was just few steps away andI started to dance with him. Next thing I know, we were those annoying guys sucking faces on the dance floor. I rarely ever take someone home from the club, but I did.

His name is Will. He was there with his two girlfriends. One of which was no where to be found and the other one got kicked out of the club. Very college. And of course, Will’s cell phone died and the the girl who got kicked out, her cell phone is with the lost girl. Soooooo college. I just wanted to go home to have sex, but I had to wait for the drama to be resolved. Once Will assured both girls’ safety, we went over to my place.

Sex was good but I always find myself having a difficult time sleeping next to someone. I have been single all my life and is so used to sleeping alone in bed. In the morning, Will and I talked more. He is about my age, a college professor and marathon runner. I remember his legs were so muscular and they felt like they were on fire next to mine. He was visiting  from out of state for a conference and returned home next day. We kept in touch for the next few weeks or so and even became Facebook friends.

I internet stalked him like any normal human would. He’s just more than a professor. He is an esteemed administrator. He was pretty successful in his career. Though I consider myself successful too, people like him inspired me to take another step forward. I hope all the text book chapter readings, late night mid-term papers, cramming for finals and seeing my money disappear to pay tuition will somehow make up at the end.

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