Clean cut

If you haven’t read last week’s blog click here: Higher Learning.  To keep the theme of collegiate sex, I hooked up with a college professor I met on Grindr.

Byron is in his 40’s, Italian (accent and all), who is little bit shorter than me with a lean physique that I find very very attractive. Sex was really good and it was all simple fun. He is uncut, which I find it rare among gay men. Some guys love it and some guys think it’s gross. I don’t really care either way, but it seems like an extra work. Most medical experts say it’s healthier but some argue there is no medical benefit. I also wonder if it’s cosmetic reason. I do think cut “looks” cleaner. But Byron seemed clean cut even though he was uncut.

Read cut or uncut

We made uncomfortable chit chats after sex and I swooned when he talked with his romantic Italian accent. Although he only wanted NSA sex, I desired to have some strings attached. Not in a romantic relationship way, but I wanted to get to know whim personally. Like any other normal person would do, I googled him. He has like TWO Ph.D. seems like a super smart dude.

Is it possible to go from one night stand to friendship level?

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