Rice… to stick or not

It’s Asian American Heritage month and I must say I am pretty proud to be a gaysian. About 4 years ago, I received a message from Vaughn on OkCupid. He’s another gaysian, same age as me, living in same neighborhood, working in same industry, and have same interest as mine. 


After exchanging some messages with few weeks of interval, it sort of fizzled out and we never connected. That is until I was at a housewarming party of my friends’, Harry and his husband (a white guy and a gaysian). I mentioned about Harry in I am not into Asians. 

So Vaughn was at the party and I immediately recognized him. But given my past experiencing of people not recognizing me, I didn’t pay attention to him. Well, Vaughn definitely recognized me and said hi to me – “hey, we kinda met before.” Also, he introduced me to his boyfriend (a white guy).  I guess that explains why he stopped messaging me on OkCupid. We had good chit chats and it was nice to get to know him in person.

So strange how this works, but after that party, I ran into Vaughn EVERYWHERE I went. One day, I was walking around the city and was thinking about calling him to see if he wanted to hang out that weekend. My thoughts became reality instantly when he and his boyfriend were literally coming towards me on the street. We talked for a bit and turns out Vaughn and Scott (read about Scott here: divorce equality too) are now roommates. We were all invited to a party hosted by Scott’s ex, where I also met Robert (read about Robert here: second happy birthday Jesus).

So there I was at the party in presence of Scott, Vaughn, Robert and Carl (read about Carl here when hook ups show up) hosted by Scott’s ex.   Vaughn’s boyfriend didn’t come though. At one point, Vaughn, Scott, and I were on the couch, somewhat intoxicated, and became physically flirtatious. It was awkwardly fun but I made every effort to stop messing around with non-single or non-available boys. Besides, I had my eye on Robert at the party.

Few weeks later, Vaughn, Scott and I went out to dinner. It was really a good opportunity to bond with Vaughn. We actually came clean about the OkCupid messages and how we both regret that neither of us pursued further. He kept saying that I am a “catch” and is surprised that I am single.

When it comes to dating, timing is everything. I can’t help to wonder if Vaughn and I actually went out on a date, what it would be like now.

I hang out with Vaughn and his boyfriend sometime and they are actually fun to hang out with. 

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