love is love

It’s pride month. People across the country and throughout the world are celebrating diversity by marching in parades, attending festivals, and participating advocacy events. Whether you are G, L, B, T, Q, or any other alphabet letters, rainbow is brighter when all colors come together.

Early this morning, a tragic shooting happened in Orlando, Florida. It has impacted me even more because it was in a gay night club. It reminded me of the Queer as Folk (US version) episode when there was a bombing at Babylon (poor Cyndi Lauper).

I am probably not the only one who is thinking that shooter’s motive is from a profound hatred towards certain groups of people who are different from the shooter. Even some cases self hatred that turns to violence to others. Simply, when people are hurt, they tend to hurt themselves more and/or hurt others too to seek their own sense of peace.

We live in a society where our own personal values are most valued and easy to disregard or fear those who are of different age, sex, gender, race, color, ethnicity, religious belief, culture, neighborhood, educational background, money, disability, and have any other life experiences. Ever since 2016 presidential election campaigns began, it seems America is becoming more and more divided instead of united. Soon it may become Ununited Separated of America.

However, when tragedy like this happens, I am surprised with people’s kindness and generosity. It was so evident after September 11, people were just nice to each other everywhere I went. To counterbalance the hatred, we should all spread love and joy. Don’t be shady!


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