One string attached.

Did you read blog, Strings AttachedHe contacted me about a month ago to let me know he was in town again. Without any hesitation, we made plans to meet up.

I went over to his hotel and I wasn’t nervous in the elevator like last time. We talked for a while, mostly about American politics. I was curious about what people in UK viewed our current presidential election. As I swoon while I listen to him talk in British accent, I kissed him. This was unusually difficult because Donald Trump was on TV.


It was better than first 3 years ago and it was so good, we did it twice. It was raining at one point so it made it extra romantic. This time, I wanted to remember everything so I made sure to observe every details. He is a doctor after all and he knew how to make me feel better.


We never intended to stay connected but I am glad we did. Also many gay men claim NSA restricts any connection, but I think there is always some element of attachment when it comes to sex. Wether they come back in town, you run into them at the gym, you have mutual friends on Facebook, and even accidentally hook up again years later. Gay circle is very small and it’s important to not burn your bridges, even if it’s just one night stand.


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