Can I get a Jehovah’s Witness?

So, you may or may not have (certainly I did) noticed that my weekly blog has a gap for few past months. I had some priorities that required more attention like moving to a new apartment. Moving is probably one of my least favorite thing to do, next to going to the dentist, which I also did last week. Besides, I really was running out of materials to write. Oh well, shit happens.

I am a creature of habit so moving is really stressful to me. Not having a routine and not knowing where my things are causes a major anxiety and I am literally breaking out with pimples like a teenager.


But, new transitions also forces you start a new chapter. I decided to start a new dating app, called Coffee meets Bagel.  It’s somewhere between and Tinder, but I am still confused of how it really works. I did connect with one guy and decided to meet for dinner. Then he canceled. First date being canceled has been the same for last two guys I scheduled dinner dates with. He, however, rescheduled and we did finally meet for dinner.

Andrew is same age as me, white guy who is from midwest. He is a college professor who moved from midwest several years ago. He is taller than me and from the pictures on his profile, he had an appearance of someone with a great physique and a dominant personalty. Lesson learned to never judge book by the cover. Because in person, he was bigger, had a man bun, talked with a lisp, and had a way too passive personality. Seriously, I had to take over the whole dinner order because he wanted me to decide the wine choice, appetizer, and the entrees.

I don’t know if I was already disappointed because my expectations were not fulfilled, but I didn’t find him attractive in any way. Though I give everyone a second chance when it comes to first dates. Often, people try to give a portray a good first impression but trying too hard makes them appear insincere and not authentic.

Andrew could have been nervous so I tried my best to make him at ease by asking him lots of questions. He talked about what it was like to grow up as Jehovah’s Witness. I must admit, I know nothing about that religion other than not accepting blood transfusion, and not accepting homosexuality. I know religion is definitely one of the topics to avoid during first date, but I felt the need to learn about it. So throughout the date, I felt like I was getting a good informative learning session.

What I admired the most is the concept to preserving purity. Being raised as a Catholic, I often face an internal conflicts when I feel I have sinned (though logically I know it’s not). I know I am not an angel and all, but I do try to live my life to be honest and true to self. Purity is subjective but for me, I try to cultivate the life of fulfillment without consumption. In theory, it sounds great, but practically it’s so difficult. For instance, I am having a beer as write this blog.

Few days after dinner with Andrew, he texted me to say he had a great time and he wanted to see me again to continue conversations. I totally ghosted him because I just didn’t know exactly what to say that he was too boring for me. Is that a sin?


Also read about another religious guy I dated, Antonio, here: If I ever lose my faith.

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