Body shame.


America is obsessed with football. I just can’t imagine what’s so exciting watching burly men in tights throw and catch a ball, drinking lots of booze, eating unhealthy foods and occasionally laughing at funny commercials. Maybe I will watch Lady Gaga’s performance though. Read about previous Super Bowl day story here: Love for Football.

Additional to football, America is obsessed with physical appearance, particularly being big and fit like football players. This body obsession is more common within the gay community.



But for me, I sometimes find myself attracted to extremely big guys who are not afraid to display non-masculine character traits. I recently went out on a date with someone who is fat and fem.

Miller is in his early 30’s, a big guy who is working on weight loss. I met him at a theater last summer when I dropped my drink on the floor and splashed all over him. It was a bit embarrassing. Then, about a month later, my friend had a birthday dinner gathering at a restaurant and one of his co-workers and his friends were there. Among that group was Miller. He sat next to me and we talked for a bit, while guarding my drink to not spill all over him again. We exchanged phone numbers but never contacted each other.

Few months ago he messaged me on Grindr and I didn’t think he remembered me, but how can he forget about the drink spilled disaster. He then asked me out on a date. I hesitated, but agreed. He made the plans to meet at a diner-ish restaurant. For a first date, it felt odd to be dining in a place where they served tuna melt, which is actually what I ordered. No shame! It was fucking good. I also judged a little that he had a goal of losing weight yet at a restaurant that’s likely to be against that goal based on the menu choices. He did order salad, so I shouldn’t judge much.

Throughout the date, I was bored. Though he seemed like a nice guy, I do think physical fitness is an important factor when it comes to my choice of men. Not that you have to be a perfect gym body, but I consider myself an active guy. Not that Miller is inactive, but I prefer to be with someone who can share the lifestyles we are both mutually interested in. I guess for me fems are ok, but no fats.

Gosh, I sound like a picky bitch.

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