Forget you

Few weekends ago, I was at a bar with my friends, Cole, Sam, and Warren and across the bar is was a gay couple. Judging by the matching rings on their ring fingers, they were married. Throughout our few drinks, the couple kept looking at me and even gestured hello-smile at one point. My friends assumed I had 3-some with them given the track record of couples approaching me for 3 way ALL THE TIME!!!


I went up to the couple to say hi and one of them actually knew my name. He told me about the time I met them at a new year’s party 3 years ago. In fact, we were Facebook friends all along. I can barely recall it but it’s all coming back to me now.


They were waiting for their friend, as I was channeling Celine Dion. Their friend arrived, which happens to be Shamus. Read about him here: Friends with Benefits

The couple asked me how I knew Shamus. It was so awkward to explain, particularly when there is some tension. Apparently, Shamus did not remember how we met. So, I just explained we met through a mutual friend, Taylor, and omitted all the other details. Well, Shamus did not remember Taylor neither. I just said it was long ago and talked to the couple more about their relationship.

Compared to others, I tend to have good memories, particularly people I had special moments with. But apparently most are forgetful of me. Is it possible that people pretend that they don’t remember? Just so that they don’t want to portray that they have always thought of me? How is it so terrible to pay close attention to me?

But then I again I forgot about the couple I met 3 years ago too.


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