Exchange saliva, not phone numbers

Though going out to a club to dance all night is not my top preference, I enjoy it once in a while. Usually, I am dancing on my own.


But I met many boys, some of which I dated for a bit. Read about them here: ScottLiamStanGary, and Will 

One night at a club, while I was dancing on my own, I met  Seth, a cute white hipster’s boy with dorky glasses and ginger beard. Totally my type!! It happened really fast, but as soon as I started to dance with him, we were sucking faces.


Then, we did the typical two horny gays would do. Go home to have sex. But I was too drunk to have sex. In the morning, while I retrace my memory of how I made it home and who the cute boy next to me is, Seth woke up to cuddled and chat briefly. As I was wondering if this would be a just a drunken night hook up, Seth started to get dressed and it clarified my question. We exchanged phone numbers and when I programed his number to my phone, his name popped up. Though I was drunk the night before, I was certain we only exchanged saliva, not phone numbers. We then Facebook searched each other. I met Seth about 5 years ago through his ex-boyfriend. When they broke up, Seth and I had plans to hang out but never happened, I guess until randomly reconnecting in a night club and attempting to have a drunken night hook up. He chuckled a bit but I think he was just trying to find comfort in an uncomfortable situation.

We decided to go out to brunch and chatted more. Seth talked about his ex-boyfriend, who had moved out of town. Despite physical separation, they still have a connection that he cannot eloquently explain. But what I realized is Seth was only willing to open his mouth but not his heart to me.

People usually don’t go to night clubs to find a meaningful, serious, long-term relationships. I always keep this realistic view when I go out. But am I unintentionally only attracting people to my realistic view and meet only unavailable guys? Is it possible to meet someone who is also looking for a meaningful, serious, long-term relationships at a night club with full drunk horny guys? If not, where are they?


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