Sink or Swim?

Last week, I wrote about Dylan, a Tinder date that actually went well compared to many others. Read about Dylan here: Jazz it up. But Dylan is a rare situation. One of failed Tinder connection is, Richard, whom I connected with while I was vacationing in Orlando last year. After a swipe right match, we chatted for every day for about a week.

Richard is a white guy, in his mid 30’s, who was born in Mississippi but lived all over the world. He is currently in graduate school in Orlando. He is a long distance runner and a certified scuba diver. He was impressed with my photos, which consisted of me doing various active things like road races, attempting to water ski, zip lining, and body surfing in the pacific ocean when I went to Mexico. (see the story about Mexico trip here: como te gusta mi pinga )

Richard wanted to FaceTime and he got even hotter when I heard his Aussie accent. Apparently, Australia is one of the places he lived for a long period. I wanted to keep swiping the screen right when I was talking to him.

In contrast to our back & forth texting for several days, the FaceTime chat was very brief. He did propose an idea of taking a trip to Aruba to go scuba diving. Though reluctant, I agreed to it. I never been there, but something about swimming in the clear blue ocean seems extremely appealing to me. Hopefully, without sinking.

After the FaceTime chat, the momentum of texting slowed down and this is when I always feel terrible about being rejected. I decided to send him this text:


Then, nothing. Is it better or worse to be rejected by people whom you haven’t even met in person?


I have been using these dating apps for several years now but no one sticks permanently. They are designed to help people to connect with others when we’re all living a busy go-go lifestyles. Yet, I feel like they create more rejection and isolation. Read about why I deleted Tinder here: why did the rooster cross the road?

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