You better work!

About 3 years ago, Floyd and I had clicked like on each other on OkCupid. Floyd is a 40 year old white guy who is a music teacher and a singer. We exchanged several messages and even made plans to go out for drinks during a week night. It was difficult to pin down during the weekend due to his busy work schedule performing.


I was on my way to the bar we had planned to meet, but he texted me to cancel. He apologized but didn’t offer another day to meet. I also got busy with work and everything else, I totally forgot about him.


We all live in a world which our professional life is a major priority. In some cases, more important than personal life. After all, I spend more time with coworkers than with my friends. The societal pressure to have a successful career creates a major challenge in work-life balance. People who are relationships struggle with this, much less for a single person like me to find time to date.

I had completely forgotten about him until recently when his name popped up in my Facebook’s people you may know. So, just like any normal person would do, I browsed through his page. Turns out he is a pretty well known musician locally. This is not the first time having an encounter with a low profile celebrity. Read about Brad, a singer I hooked up with in Mexico: Como te gusta mi pinga.  

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