20 vs 30 vs 40

This is my last year of 30’s. Some dread the 40’s. Honestly, I remember calling guys in 40s old when I was in my 20’s. But, now I think 40 is the new 30. I am super excited about graduating from 30s. However, I can tell my body is slowing changing. Wrinkles and gray hairs seem to appear every month and I seem to move the phone or book close and far back & forth to focus. I also think my taste of guys have evolved and more attracted to younger guys.

About two years ago when I went to a gay club, which is mostly college age boys. I was dancing with this cute Asian guy who was bumping and grinding dangerously on me, I spilled half of my drink. As I was trying to escape from his dangerous movement, Caleb, a cute twink white boy came up between me and the Asian guy. Then the Asian guy abruptly took off. I believe they were friends. Well, one thing led to another and Caleb and I were bumping, grinding and kissing.

As we were planning to go back to my place, he was looking for his Asian friend. He said his friend was going through some drama and worried about  him. I settled up my tab an Caleb and I went back to my place. Caleb was in his late 20’s at the time. He had a cute boyish body.

I think we were both tired from dancing and we just cuddled and went to bed. But, in the morning, we had sex. Few weeks later, he texted me on a Saturday night and wanted to come over after clubbing again. He came over and we had great sex.

As we conversed, I realized I couldn’t really find anything interesting about him. Being 10 years different felt like we were living in different worlds.

I went to this club last night and I felt the same. I used enjoy getting drunk and dancing my ass off, but it does not seem fun anymore. Especially the intoxicated or high shirtless guys who are all sweaty and can barely balance on their feet. Also, pretty much all of the people were on their cell phones either texting someone, browsing Grindr, Scruff, or Tinder, or snapchatting their dance moves. I found it all obnoxious.

I didn’t see or talk to Caleb after that, but turns out he now lives in my neighborhood. We’re Facebook friend and I just looked him up. He apparently has been in a relationship status since the time we actually met. I think the cute Asian guy he ditched that night is actually his boyfriend.

Also read about Ricky: ,20 vs 30, another 20 something year old boy I went out on a date long time ago. 


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