What does a fox say? “I don’t do hook ups.”

Few weeks ago, I wrote about Carson, whom I ran into while I was gaycationing in Provincetown. Overall, it was a great trip with close friends and met new friends from all over. One of them is Owen, a 40 year old white guy from Tennessee. He is much taller than me with an athletic physique – he loves sports. Owen spoke in a sexy southern accent that made my heart melt a little and he really seems like a southern gentleman.


We met at a piano bar and after few whiskey shots he ordered and some sing-a-long’s to show tunes, we went to more dancy-type bar around the corner. As soon as I entered, I lost Owen in the room full of shirtless men who are displaying their pecs desperately. While I was searching for Owen, an irrational belief that I was rejected occurred. So I tried to distract myself from the irrational belief by ordering vodka & sodas.


About 10 minutes later (what it seemed like 10 hours), Owen came up behind me to dance with awkward white boy moves. This made me chuckle a little and I found him even more attractive. The vodka & soda I just slammed was slowly kicking in, so I had enough courage to get up on my tippy toes to kiss him, considering his 6’-something height. But I didn’t get the responding kiss from him. Though it looked he was telling me a sweet secret in my ear, because the loud thumpa-thumpa music, he was just leaning into my ear to explain he does not do well with PDA. He also says he does not want to have a random one night stand. Again, feeling slightly rejected, I just danced with my friends.

At one point, my friends and his friends mingled so well it looked like we all have been friends forever. This made me feel good that new friendships could be developed. When the night was over, Owen and I left the bar together.

After getting slices of sausage pizza, we walked along the streets of cool breezy summer night in Provincetown. While we were walking, a fox came out of nowhere and was chasing a cat and it literally passed by between us.


It was probably craziest thing I have ever seen and it made me LOL. So I kissed him again on the street. He tasted like pizza.

We walked to his place only to realize my place was pretty close. The entire week I stayed in P-town, he was around the corner and only the last night I get to meet him.

Owen invited me over to his place and he kept explaining about not wanting to hook up. But we kept making out for a bit. As I was just about to leave, he took off his pants. To be honest, I have never felt this urge to give a blow job, but  the sausage pizza was not fulfilling enough for my hunger that night when I saw his sausage. As I was admiring and probably drooling over his beautiful penis, he asked if I can finish him off.

“I thought you don’t do hook ups” trying to clarify his mixed messages.

“I am too drunk. I shouldn’t.”

If I am going to sexual with someone, it’s important that we both desire it. I felt like Owen was not into it, so I left his place and walked home feeling rejected again….. with blue balls. But I am glad that I gained new friendships.

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