Merry Cannabis!

Though holidays were meant to bring joy by being with family and closest friends, now it brings nothing but societal pressure to get/receive the best gifts and have the most extravagant parties. For me, all I want for Christmas is be on the couch in my pajamas eating Cheetos watching movies all day.


But to be less Grinch, I have been sending Christmas cards to my family and friends for many years. It is definitely nice to get Christmas cards. So far I received 3, which all 3 are people I hooked up with. One is from Daniel: read about him here: Happy Daddy DayAnother one is from Jeremy, read about him here: Love + Adventure = Happiness

Jeremy and I exchanged Christmas cards for many years. We don’t get to see each other often but last year, I spent the weekend with him and his same partner of over 10, while I was in LA for work. It had been exactly 10 years since I saw him last. Jeremy, his boyfriend, and I went out to dinner, drinks and hung out at Venice beach all day.

On last night, three of us ate some edibles. Few hours later, Jeremy’s boyfriend goes upstairs to go to bed. Shortly after that Jeremy and I made out for what it seemed like hours, which led to little bit of oral. Though I was nervous about it at first, but the pot brownies really kept me less distracted with what I’d be usually paranoid about.


Also, I have some comfort level with Jeremy based on our occasional phone sex. I also wondered if there would be a three some once his boyfriend comes downstairs, but that did not happen. Instead in the morning, three of us cuddled in bed. Surprisingly, that was the best part.

Speaking of couples in an open relationship, read 3 for 3 a story about Rob & Bill, a couple I had three-way with.

Also, read Ho Ho Ho, a story about a terrible hook up on Christmas.

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