Happy New Year! check out my new Facebook page.

Happy new year everyone! I spent the night with closest friends dancing to Madonna and Whitney, so typical. This morning, I woke up with too much champagne hangover and worked hard to reflect 2017. First, it has now been 3 years since I started my blog. Since, I now have over 2 thousand followers and over 5 thousand hits. Over 90 countries have visited my website, US, Canada and Germany being the top three.

I had honorable mentions in fellow bloggers, Living Gay Bisbane (Click here to read that blog: https://livinggaybrisbane.com/gay-personal-lifestyle-blogs/) and BosGuy (Click here to read that blog: https://bosguy.com/2017/10/05/check-out-tonys-gaysian-dating-blog/.) I also got connected with a new follower and a blogger, who is also gaysian blogger in Europe. Click here for his blog page:  https://gaysianineurope.wordpress.com/

I also wrote about various dating experiences throughout 2017. Beginning of the year, after too many bad dates, I deleted Tinder then shortly after that deleted Grindr and OkCupid. Read Why did the cock cross the road and oh, gay cupid

About 5 months into abstaining all dating apps, I relapsed and got back on the apps. Read Love chemistry.

Best part of 2017 for me was amazing romantic get-aways to Florida (Taking a chance for Romance, Provincetown (What does a fox say? I don’t do hook-ups), New Orleans (Jazz it up), and Iceland (Sexually fluid).

Despite the toxic and tragic political as well as weather climates this year, there are definitely positive moments I’d like to cherish. And I look forward to 2018.

My blog had a twitter page and now it also has Facebook page. Check out www.facebook.com/gaysiandating.

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