Boring Date

I met Mike last summer after chatting with him in Grindr. He is few years younger than me white guy who works in real estate. We exchanged phone numbers to flirt some more.

IMG_3037 copy

We also exchanged photos of ourselves. He has dark hair, full beard, and a pair of trendy glasses. Most of his photos were with his cute puppy. I am a biggest sucker for a guy with a cute dog. I’d say Mike is somewhat of a bigger figure but I wouldn’t call him fat. Despite this, he had to defend himself about his shape.

IMG_3038 copy

IMG_3036 copy

We met for drinks and apps at a local bar. Mike is from New England and I am from Florida, so we naturally clashed like the weather differences of these two regions.

He mostly complained about many things in life. I know I can get bitter at times, but it was definitely not a pleasant to spend an hour hearing his unhappiness in life. As boring as this blog entry is, Mike was boring to talk to. Perhaps, he felt the same because we both never contacted each other.

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