Can I get a Jehovah’s Witness?

So, you may or may not have (certainly I did) noticed that my weekly blog has a gap for few past months. I had some priorities that required more attention like moving to a new apartment. Moving is probably one of my least favorite thing to do, next to going to the dentist, which I also did last week. Besides, I really was running out of materials to write. Oh well, shit happens.

I am a creature of habit so moving is really stressful to me. Not having a routine and not knowing where my things are causes a major anxiety and I am literally breaking out with pimples like a teenager.


But, new transitions also forces you start a new chapter. I decided to start a new dating app, called Coffee meets Bagel.  It’s somewhere between and Tinder, but I am still confused of how it really works. I did connect with one guy and decided to meet for dinner. Then he canceled. First date being canceled has been the same for last two guys I scheduled dinner dates with. He, however, rescheduled and we did finally meet for dinner.

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