Double dip and now empty dip

Earlier this year, I was seeing a guy named, Martin, I met on Tinder. Read about Martin here: He has risen! Around the same time I met him, I matched with another guy on Tinder.


His is name is Brady, a white guy around same age as Martin. Brady is a professor who is on a leave for a year to write and do some consulting work. While we were messaging each other, he accidentally sent me a heart, an emotion message feature on Tinder. I got very excited to see this. Then he quickly rescinded the heart with “don’t be frightened! It was an error! I don’t just send around hearts! I obvi didn’t know how this thing works.”


Despite this mis-hap on the app, we decided to meet for drinks at a wine bar. We ordered a bottle of white wine and some delicious appetizers like artichoke & bean dip. We both double dipped the dip with the delicious bread.

We had great conversations about work, travel, family and his new dog. I thought the date went really well and he even drove me home, which ended with a passionate kiss in the car as he was dropping me off. What a classic date night. Continue reading

Sink or Swim?

Last week, I wrote about Dylan, a Tinder date that actually went well compared to many others. Read about Dylan here: Jazz it up. But Dylan is a rare situation. One of failed Tinder connection is, Richard, whom I connected with while I was vacationing in Orlando last year. After a swipe right match, we chatted for every day for about a week.

Richard is a white guy, in his mid 30’s, who was born in Mississippi but lived all over the world. He is currently in graduate school in Orlando. He is a long distance runner and a certified scuba diver. He was impressed with my photos, which consisted of me doing various active things like road races, attempting to water ski, zip lining, and body surfing in the pacific ocean when I went to Mexico. (see the story about Mexico trip here: como te gusta mi pinga )

Richard wanted to FaceTime and he got even hotter when I heard his Aussie accent. Apparently, Australia is one of the places he lived for a long period. I wanted to keep swiping the screen right when I was talking to him.

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You got blocked

About a year ago, I started chatting with Bobby on Grindr. He is same age as me, white, slightly shorter than me with a lean frame. He has dark feature that makes him look very euro-mediterranean-sexy. After some superficial chats, we decided to meet for drinks at a new restaurant that just opened. We had a good chemistry and conversations really went well. It was around the holidays and we both had no holiday spirits that made us even connect closer.

Bobby is a lawyer for a major financial firm and spoke highly about his work, making him seem slightly narcissistic. He particularly spoke a lot about his boss who is also a friend. In fact during the entire date, he and his friend-boss kept texting each other. He apologized for being rude while he was on his phone every few minutes. He reasoned that end of the year is typically busier and he often works up to 70 hours a week.

After 3 Moscow Mule drinks and him texting every five minutes, Bobby terminated our date to go to back to  the office, after receiving demands from his bossy friend-boss. This was about 10 o’clock on Friday night. I tried my best to not doubt, but I had a hard time trusting the whole situation.

Very next day, I saw him on Grindr and I sent him a message to say I had a great time. Then his profile rapidly disappeared. I GOT BLOCKED!!!


I was negatively judged based on one hour (minus 10 minutes of texting) of conversation and  was dismissed permanently. I then wondered if Bobby was really texting his a.k.a. boss during the date to be rescued out of a bad date. Charlotte and Carrie already did that! Click here for that clip:

If so, it is even more disappointing that Bobby, who is a confident, cocky, lawyer, had to pull a cheap move. You can simply tell the person “sorry, but I don’t think we’re looking for a same thing.” And whatever happened to “it’s not you, it’s me” line? There is definitely more respectful way to disconnect from a date.

Not only my suspicions about Bobby were validated, it also validated my negative attitude towards dating in general after all the bad dates I have gone out on. It’s when this happens, I have to constantly remind myself about all the guys I rejected. This is what dating is. It’s trying on different styles, fits, color, and size of pants until you find the pair that fits well.

Some things to be aware of when you’re Grindr’ing:

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.38.27 PM

Kiss me I’m Irish

While most Americans have no idea who St. Patrick is (and I don’t either), Americans celebrate this Irish holiday by wearing green, drinking lots of green beer, and sending emojicon messages of clovers to everyone.

When I went to Savannah, Georgia last year, I was quite shocked to find out they have one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America.

I am going to celebrate it by recalling all the Irish guy I dated. My 02.02.2015 entry called Love For Football also talks about an Irish guy I dated. 

One guy I met worked in a corporate office of a large retail company. He is in his late 30’s, medium build, and slightly taller than me. We met for coffee and had a casual to boring conversations. Then we went out dancing. He had wild moves. When I say wild I meant like a crazy lunatic who was bumping into everyone on the dance floor. I was terrified and he made me spill my drinks few times. I rejected him after that.


Another Irish guy I dated was, Bruce, an older gay who was incredibly good looking. I met Bruce through a friend, Cole, and we started to spend time together at a bar, usually talking about very intimate life experiences. He was very sensitive. He was formerly a model and still maintained an amazing physique and handsomeness while in 40’s. Although he expressed interest in dating, he rejected my offer and I was disappointed.

We still kept our friendship. One day, Bruce was telling me about a guy he was rejected by, throwing a pity party saying he gets rejected all the time. I asked him (referencing to my rejection) – “but I am sure you rejected some guys too.” He said no and I quickly pointed myself to remind him. He laughed embarrassingly.