Why did the cock cross the road?

I went to a Lunar New Year Party last night. All of my gaysian friends gathered to celebrate by eating tons of food and drinking wine. It’s a bonus to be an Asian to celebrate new year twice a year. 

I don’t usually do new year resolutions, but I am thinking about what I can do differently this year. As I was accompanied by nine Asian-white happy couples at the party, I decided that this year I will not focus much on dating. This is after another frustrating dating experience I had earlier this week.

I have been on Tinder for a while and there are 242 matches on my list, which barely anyone chats. Most of them are into the game of swiping rather than actually chatting with people. I did connect with one guy, Patrick, almost year ago and not only we chatted, we actually swapped phone numbers to exchange silly humor texts, which lead to innocent flirty texts with some G-rated photos. He is 10 years younger than me, super short, like 5’5”, and an adorable smile. Despite the momentum of flirty texts, Patrick ghosted.


About 2 weeks ago, I accidentally texted Patrick when I was trying to text a friend with the same name, asking what he was doing for the weekend. 

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