Happy birthday to Jesus!

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. I think holidays can be sometimes more difficult than fun. I always have good intention to start Christmas shopping early then all the sudden it’s few weeks before Christmas and with rise in online shopping, packages are either delayed or stolen from the front porch. I know that it’s more about joy of giving, but it is more annoying to receive something I don’t need or want, as it take up space I already don’t have. Not to mention seeing families and relatives you don’t care for to avoid the discussions around politics. 

Regardless, happy birthday to Jesus!

I think I met a gay’ish Jesus earlier this year when I went to a music festival. It resembled smaller scale of the Burning Man, but without burning anything but instead, lots of glitter.  The diversity was beyond the stretch of possibilities and being a gay man seemed really boring as majority were sexually-fluid, gender-bending, non-binary, and queer with capital Q. 

I was dancing in my rainbow meggings and LED lit sneaks. Behind me was a cute guy with a Jesus-looking long brown hair, also wearing a pair of meggings with laser cat prints. He praised my outfit which led to innocent flirtations. Derek was in his late 20’s who worked at a wood shop so I guess just like Jesus, who was a carpenter. While I was chatting with him, he seemed nervous and awkward, though it is very possible that he was on drugs. But we carried on a conversation for a while but despite physical attractions, he was not as engaging as I wanted to. I might be bit judgmental at times, but Derek seemed like a comic-con type of guy who enjoys costume parties. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was into furries.

Unfortunately, the flirt between Derek and me wore off and so was my high from edibles. We did become Facebook friends but not much contact after that. 

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