Happy second birthday, Jesus.

Several months ago, I met Robert at a party where I ran into Carl. Read about Carl here: when hook ups show up.

Robert is in his mid 30’s, tall, pale white, ginger’ish blond, blue eyes, who is geeky-sexy. Throughout the party, I kept staring at his nice butt and being 6 foot 5 he is, it felt like it was right in my face every time he turned around.


He was incredibly kind and sweet. He was easy to talk to but I felt like I had to scream facing up at him because he was so freaking tall. Robert works in non-profit doing humanitarian work. He describes himself as an idealist who truly seems like an idealist.

After the party, he drove me home and all of my friends assumed that we hooked up, just because we left the party together.

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fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s day. Read last year’s blog about St Patrick’s day, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” 

So, I just got back in town from a trip (not from Ireland). I have been traveling a lot for the past several months. Honestly, what is it about flight attendants? Is it the uniform? Is it the excellent customer service of wanting to please you? I always find the flight attendants very pleasant to look at.


I hooked up with one about 2 years ago.

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Be cool. Don’t be an asshole.

Almost 3 years ago, I was chatting with Peter on Grindr. Peter is 10 years younger than me, cute, tall, slender, with a bright smile that is so much bigger probably because of his dark complexion. Peter is Indian so that makes him a gaysian too. He just moved in town to start his medical residency. We met for drinks near his medical school.

Throughout the entire time, he was constantly talking about himself and didn’t ask much about me. I didn’t get any feeling that he had interest in getting to know me. At times, people try to impress someone for the first time by only focusing in their positives. Like online dating websites. We only post the best pictures of ourselves and only talk about positive aspects and achievements. Perhaps Peter was doing everything to impress me but something felt like it was not genuine. I tolerated his self indulgence over 3 drinks and went home.

Few weeks later, I saw him on OkCupid so I messaged him

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Should have been saved by the bell.

Occasionally, I like to have some quickie fun but it usually turns into more disappointment than fun. Few years ago, I met Ed on Grindr. He is in his late 40’s, a white guy, who is a lawyer. He lives super close by so I went over to his place. I rang the door bell few times but he did not answer. I thought, “that jerk gave me the wrong address.’

It was unusually hot that night, so I was sweaty waiting outside, and was bit frustrated feeling rejected, so I went home. When I got home, Ed messaged me on Grindr asking if I was still coming over. I explained I was there and rang the door bell few times at his place. After confirming his address, he is just realizing that his door bell stopped working. He invited me over again that night, but I refused. However, about a week later, I went to his place again.

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