Playing Tinder Crush Saga

On Halloween night of last year, to prevent overeating Halloween candy, I got on Tinder and madly swiped for hours. I saw a profile photo of a cute guy with blue eyes and a warm smile. Immediately, I swiped right then I heard that “broop-bing” match the sound. You all know that sound that makes your endorphins going like a Pavlov’s dog.


Compared to 400 other matches, Doug and I actually chatted, which lead to the next level of swapping phone numbers, and even went far as meeting up for coffee.

Doug is a 44-year-old super pale white guy who is like 6 foot 5 tall nerdy type. When I arrived at the coffee shop, he was reading a book drinking a pour-over coffee.

He primarily lives in the west coast working in Silicon Valley and has a second home in town. I sort of picture him being a millionaire with multiple properties, which is somewhat intimidating to me.

We talked about our negative views on current reality TVs, big corporate industries, particularly the tech industry, which he clearly had a passion for. Every time he was about tech shit, he’d scrunch his eyebrows as if he was thinking about something so perversely intense. I once dating a guy, Aaron, who did similar with his hands. Read about Aaron here: Sexual Chemistry.

He was in a transition period where he wanted a simpler lifestyle. He enjoys running and reading when he has free time.

He seemed like a nice guy and good looking, but I didn’t have much connection with him. We ended the coffee date with an awkward hug on the street. He did text me after to say it was nice to meet.

Why does it seem the Tinder match sound itself is more exciting than meeting that person? Like Halloween candy, we all want instant gratification but to plan out more than that seems like too much of an effort. It’s like candy crush game. You keep swiping to find a match and once you get to a certain level, you feel stuck and just give up.


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