bar boyfriend

I became disconnected from my blog for the last two months. I blame the elections but now that dust has settled, I am ready to write more. Plus, I now have new materials to write about. But my relationship status remains same.. still single.

I always surprise people when I tell them I have never been in a serious relationship ever in my life. Sure, I have gone out on many many dates and the longest dating period with someone was 6 months. See story about Paul here: Sexual Chemistry 2. But there is not one person I would call a “serious, monogamous, long term relationship, boyfriend.”

Until I find that special person, my friends, Cole, Chad, and I play a silly drunk game called “who is your bar boyfriend” which is to point out a cutest guy at the bar while we hang out at a bar. Though we never actually talk to the bar boyfriend and only fantasize about what we might do with them, I actually talked to my bar boyfriend one night. Conveniently, my bar boyfriend was talking to another friend, so I went up to him to say hi and my friend introduced me to Tony, my bar boyfriend.

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