mom > BF

About two years ago, I met a guy name Sam, who is a neighbor of my friend and his friend was my next door neighbor. He is few years older than me, white, tall, slightly thinning hair, green eyes, and sexy dimples. He also has a witty sense of humor, which I find it very attractive.



Sam asked me out on a date and reserved a table at a restaurant at 7:30 pm. I got to the restaurant right on time, but he wasn’t there yet. I waited at the bar for15 minutes and called him to see if he was close. He didn’t answer so I left a message. My vulnerability got worse by the minute. Thirty minutes and two glasses of wine passed, I was sitting alone at the bar and thought ‘shit, did I just get stood up?’ I sent him a text message and went home. Then this happened:


I hate having conversations like these over text messages so I called him the next day. He explained that he had not slept all week from worries of his mom who had a life threatening illness. If we were in a relationship, this would probably be the time I provide emotional comfort to him as a boyfriend. Suddenly, disappointment turned into empathy. I am sure his mom was a priority over a date with me. Sam apologized and in return, he joked that I have unlimited coupons to redeem anything I wanted. I gave him a list: trips to Paris and Japan, a new car, peanut butter, and a blow job.

peanut butter

The following weekend, Sam took me out to dinner every night. I didn’t get to redeem any of the coupons but I did get a kiss, which was amazing. About a month later, his mother passed away and he told me that he was not in a good place to date.

I ran into him at a gay bar about a month ago on a date. It was the same night I ran into Bryan (see On My Own from 04.05.2015).

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