hommi Asískir stefnumótum

Just before I deleted Chappy and Tinder in earlier this year, I matched with a cute boy named Olafur on Tinder. He is 25 years old from Iceland. He is a college student majoring in music. Coincidentally one of my favorite musician is Olafur Arnald who is also Icelandic.

Olafur, the college student, not the professional musician, was cute and it seemed like we had common interest. But I was worried, based on multiple negative experiences with some of millennials I went (or tried to go out) with.

Read about Patrick: Why did the cock cross the road? and Mac: Tidying up AF. Both of these a-holes resulted in dating app deletions.

Olafur and I decided to meet for coffee on a Saturday afternoon. I had many errands to run that day and I even rescheduled another potential date to meet Olafur. As I was panicking for running late to the coffee date, I texted him to apologize that I was running few minutes behind.


To me, this implies school is more important than dating to him. Perhaps school is definitely his priority, which I respect. I too had other priorities that day, like go to the dry cleaners but I somehow hoped a 25-year-old college student will have qualities I may find in a mate. I try my best to take chances even after all these dating hiccups.

Olafur wanted to reschedule. I never hear back from him. Maybe he went back to Iceland.

3 thoughts on “hommi Asískir stefnumótum

  1. Ugh. Men.
    I recently deleted OKCupid and for some damn reason re-downloaded the dreaded Grindr.
    I agreed to meet a guy for a drink last night on my first foray into the Grindr swamp and only remembered it while reading this post.
    Looks like I have some mea culpa-ing to do. But I think that contrition will establish my credibility, versus your Olly who seems happy to abdicate his.


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